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After a matter finalised I personally viewed documents that were kept locked by an ICL not for viewing prior to a Trial date that was adjourned and for 6 months up to the next Trial date. Yes, I too wonder why my legal counsel did not insist on viewing them. Only due to constant requests did our solicitor then request these documents to be unlocked by ICL. This happened 1 business day before Trial so that the author could not be cross-examined. The notes taken by our solicitor of these subpoenaed documents appeared 'staged' and possibly 'fraudulent'. We then requested after the matter finalised to view them and received special permission from SDEO to do so. Since our initial viewing last year and four times since these same documents have been removed, altered with different handwriting, and replaced 4 times in Courts SDEO Office. A court employee at the second viewing intervened with the clerk when he asked her what file number she was looking for, and immediately came around moving the clerk aside and putting his arms on our file box in an attempt to stop us viewing them. I had shown and told the Manager that the content looked suspicious, I then emailed the manager of the Courts, at each tampering of which there have been 3 changes after viewing the original documents, and Court states that it is up to you to inform the authorities. The authorities being the Police. Does the Court not have a Duty of Care to report what they confirm is a criminal offence to the Police when it was first reported last July, then again in September, then more recently in May, and unbelievably in June this year.  It appears to be too touchy for Crime Stoppers, Attorney General, Commonwealth Ombudsman, Director of the Courts, Home Affairs, Peter Dutton Minister. The AFP have known about it since November last year, and have been updated each time but say they need a warrant from the Court.  The subpoena documents that keep altering are from a company who have an office next door to the 'other parties' then Solicitor. I am just a grandmother trying to keep a little child safe, and I can honestly say that the collusion and corruption I have come across would give John Grisham a best seller... any assistance or advice from anyone that can help uncover this corruption and have it investigated would be appreciated.