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Hi I work Fifo for a contract company to FMG In march I fell from a truck and fractured both Scapula's and 3 compression fractures of the spine, I have now returned to work cleared to drive truck and tele handler but I am limited to lifting weights under 10kg. I still get a lot of pain in my back and my left arm which also had damage to the joint. As I spent so much time off work, I tolerate the pain and excepted going back to work due to my mental state of being stuck at home for so long. At 53 I believe that I will have to except this pain moving forward, as I don't believe it will fully heel. insurance (Allianz) company has brought company Recovre on board to manage me and Agility for exercise physiology. My question is, I have the opportunity to go back to my old job, worth $17.00 more an hour and working in the city 8 hour day, I am worried about what effect this will have on my workers compensation. I think physically this will be a lot better for me pain wise, although I would need to take regular breaks from sitting at a desk. How will doing this effect me in the future with workers comp