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Hi there.

I was awarded part of my ex husbands superannuation from our financial settlement in January this year. He initially wanted to keep all his superannuation as he is in a defined benefits scheme and pay me cash but in January realised he couldn't make the cash payment and I was awarded quite a large amount of his superannuation.

I have a few questions regarding this. Because he's in a defined benefits scheme can I transfer the amount ordered into my own normal super fund? Will any non-restricted amount (if any) be made available to my fund first or can he nominate to keep any non-restricted amount himself and just sign over the restricted amount (if that makes sense)?

Finally, he was ordered to split the super in January this year and has yet to do so. I've contacted his solicitor numerous times but she won't respond to me so I have an enforcement hearing next week. Can I ask for any interest to be added to the order as over 6 months has passed and it's quite a large sum of super.

Thank you.