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Hi everyone,

I have recently had an issue with my super fund.
I have switched my investment plan online and I received confirmation email that my switch is successfully processed.
After about 2 weeks I checked my account online and noticed that my investment hasn't been updated.
After several phone calls and following it up for about 2 months they finally responded saying that your switch didn't go through because you have cancelled it few minutes after your switch request.
This obviously wasn't true. I had not cancelled it and I have not received any email notifying me of this cancellation.
This accident caused significant loss in my investment.
I officially complained to Super fund, but they didn't accept their fault.
I escalated my complained to AFCA and requested super fund to compensate for my loss and they still don't take responsibility. AFCA has given me last chance to provide my argument for the case before they can provide their verdict.
Can anyone give me legal advice on how to proceed to fight for my right?

Thanks for anyone who give me some advice and input.