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Hoping someone has had a similar experience and could share some knowledge. My ex husband stopped paying our mortgage after he kicked me and our children out of our home and also took possession of a motor vehicle we had purchased together and stopped paying for that also resulting in me being left with a tonne of debt after he declared himself bankrupt. My question is that seeing as we have no cash left from the sale of the house (legals fees to have him evicted, $22000 added to the mortgage for non payment etc, the list goes on) I will be receiving part of his super instead of cash. This does not help me pay the debt that is left not my solicitors fees to get me to this point. Can I access some of the super that I will be receiving from him seeing as it is part of a property settlement? I am 36 and my ex is 40 (not sure if that means anything) but I figure I still have 30 working years at least left in me yet and I need the money for the debt now not when I am 60??!!!! Please help?! Any advice would be awesome!