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Good afternoon.....
I was hoping someone else may have been in a similar position with Colonial First State
Superannuation Fund.

My Husband passed away only a couple of years ago. I have been struggling financially after his death, as he was the main breadwinner.

I have had issues with Colonial First State in as far as my husbands ex-wife managed to call them and they discussed all his details to her, over the phone. I was upset and angry to say the least. They say they thought she was 'Me' and as such she must have convinced them of various Privacy details, that she would not have had and just winged it.

My issue is not that alone.
The Commonwealth Bank was the initial adviser of this particular Super Fund. Colonial I think was bought out by Com Bank.

Upon requesting many many times in email to Colonial for a copy of my husbands Superannuation application form, they only produced it after letters from Attorney. They had mentioned that they don't keep records going back that far ( 2001). He passed away 2012 !!

It appears that my husband ticked the Box marked ' Death Benefits' ....
I then was advised by Colonial First State that 'They did NOT take out the Premium's for this benefit and NO DEATH BENEFIT SHALL APPLY '

I have a copy of the initial application form. I employed at attorney, who was useless and cost me a small fortune, which at the age of 60, Im still paying off and will be for some time to go, without SUCESS !!!...

Colonial went as far as to have the Staff Member who signed up my husband ( at that time it was The Comm Bank Staff member ) say she remembers my husband 'Not Wanting' Death benefit Insurance.!! WHAT !! You remember 11 years ago a conversation between yourself and my husband !!!

He earned six figure income, had 2 children and 2 step children, all in Private School. We had a Mortgage, like 90% of Australian Professionals, employed.

I believe my husband would not have been the wiser as to his statements in which they did not account for any Insurance premiums description/debits etc. He would not have given any thought as to the insurance NOT being included in his Super.

Can anyone help me on this matter, or has anyone else been through the same scenario with Colonial First Sate / Commonwealth Bank.
Where did i go to from here.

I have just not had the finances nor the mental strength to fight Commonwealth Bank or Colonial, on my own! I need a Attorney who is skilled and a Bulldog, to fight for my Family.

Thank you for reading my post.