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Hello Im needing some help.


I went and got my hair done at the same place as i usually do but theres been a huge issue.


For starters i went in for a root and on scalp bleach as i needed my regrowth redowing. The hairdresser sat me down and upon arrival was rude and even said that she didnt want to be here until 12am.


She also took a look att my hair and said we needed to do an entire re-bleach on my already damaged hair as there was 'green' in it.


The colour i have on my hair is purple and i dye it myself regularly so putting purple over green wouldnt of been an issue. I didnt mention this however because of the mood she was already in.


Anyways, to cut the story a bit shorter, when my hair had finished processing and she had put the toner on i realised that it was a pink/magenta colour not lavender which we had agreed upon. 


I did say this to her but she brushed it off and dismissed my concern. I ended up being forced to pay a whopping bill of $629.


I decded how unhppy i was with the outcome especially because my hair was so damaged. I messaged the hairdresser first thing in the moring to tell her my concern and even asked for advice.


She essentially again disregarded my concern and informed me that she had used to same toner as last time so there for it is the same colour as previously.


I then sent her photos to compair and informed her that my hair is currently pink and that i understood that it needed to be changed in order to fit with my hair but we agreed on a darker purple not on pink.


Again she dismissed my concerns and even a request for her to fix it for me. I have no seeked help at a different salon and will be getting it fixed.


Ive also been advised on how to get the colour out of my hair by speaking with these other hairdressers.


So. After hearing the story my main questions is what can i do? I know i was overcharged and she isnt willing to fix the mistake. Can i sue her in anyway or can i get a refund of my money?


Im stuck and really needing help.