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 I am a owner/occupier of a unit, in a small Strata Group (4 units), the Chairman and Secretary/Treasurer both reside with in the group, I have had concerns about the lack of maintenance of the Strata Common and in February of of last year (2019), after a walk around I noted areas that needed to be upgraded, I listed these in a letter to our Strata Manager,(SM) as well as requesting," that he obtain three quotes by independent contractors to fix each of the defects and for him to table these quotes at our next Annual General Meeting scheduled for 18th April 2019".

His answer, by email was - "I will gather the required quote prior to the next Annual General Meeting and present for discussion and moving forward for the sinking fund".

Sadly, he did not obtain the quotes, but he did table the list of repairs and with the members attending having no guide lines as to the total cost of the repairs.

I requested quotes from our SM and some quotes were obtailed, not all as requested, one may guess, by this time I was not popular, this saga dragged on until August of 2019, when each of the owners received a copy of the quotes requested in February 2019, in total seven quotes.

Still not popular and not being an office holder of the Strata, I collated all the quotes, I then requested our Chairman along with our Secretary/Treasurer to call a "Management Committee" meeting, they both were the Management Committee, we held two Strata Meetings, to which minutes were taken, as well as decisions were made, at the last meeting, I posed the question, did the other owners realise how much we were up for, with regards a total cost, I then mentioned the total cost - $21628.00 and at the same time "tabled" a complete list of the quotes to supprt my figures.

Well an EGM has been called for, so as we can address the maintenance problem, in the Agenda sent to all, I noted that only the minutes of our AGM held in April 2019, were mentioned, my question to all who read this, should not the minutes of the two "Strata Meetings" be tabled/acknowledged, one last point, our Secretary who kept the minutes, did not include my documentation, tabled, outlining total costs, along with a breakdown as to each individual quote.

I sent an email to our Secretary mentioning that all the repair details tabled should have been included within the minutes, as well as suggesting, she rewrite the minutes, there has been no reply.

Still not popular!


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