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There is a block with 4 units which was built in 1967 with no garages. Then in 1970 according to the plans, unit 5 was built which is stated on the plan that this building is a townhouse and 4 garages was built. This town house has a stairway built alongside it which can be accessed if you need to get to Unit 5 which is not needed by each unit owner 1-2-3-4 . The townhouse (unit 5) only uses this stair way to access his / her townhouse.   In the strata plan which is registered in the year 1975 includes the townhouse as part of the strata and the townhouse is build in a way that it has cut off the balcony of two of the units it is next to.   There are no plans which demonstrates that unit 5 (townhouse) building was approved and the stairway which is attached to Unit 5 (townhouse) is not in the construction plan in 1970.        Is Townhouse (unit 5 ) considered private or is it considered part of the building block 1 -4 ?