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Hi all, ive been following this forum lately and its the first one ive actually joined.

Anyway, i got a call from a friend that i hadn't spoken to in a long time and he explained to me that he had a friend that needed to move houses and he asked if i could help at all (he knew i had removalist friends). So he gave me the lady's number and i called, when i finally got through to her she told me she didnt want to say anything on the phone and if i could swing past.

So I did, (my mrs drove me as i was too tired to drive), she told me her house was being watched and she was being investigated so she didn't want to tell me over the phone that she wanted to move houses 2 days before xmas, so that the police wouldn't find out. I told her i'll see what i can do, and off i went(seemed like a complete waste of time). All in all i was there for less than 5 mins.

Driving back home i get pulled over, they explain they were detectives and they want to search us and the car. They asked if there was anything in the car and we replied "no". So they flipped the car inside out and frisked us and found nothing. They asked again if we had anything to save them the time of calling the sniffer dog and a female officer to search my mrs. Again we explained there wasnt anything and i told them why i was there.

They then told me it was a drug house and they hear the same story all the time. The dog came and so did the female officer, we both got strip searched and the dog went over the car about 3 times, and they found nothing. During these searches they broke my glove box and because it was raining i asked them to put my windows up, the officer left the reds on (power windows) and so the battery drained. After the whole ordeal i asked if they would help me with a jump start as i had jumper cables. They refused, told me to call nrma and drove off.

Actually they didnt even ask if they could search the car, they just told us to get out and then they started searching. I want to know if they have a right to do that and about my glove box, and what action i can take if any.   I feel violated as this has never happened to me before.iconoclast2012-11-17 03:32:18