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Hi everyone,

I recently got done and served a court notice for a traffic infringement for Reckless Driving (see other post in that forum section).

Upon being detained and asked to come back to the Perth Watchhouse for my photo being taken, fingerprints etc.

They searched my wallet and found a debit card in another persons name that I have used for free trials like Netflix, etc m. Non fraud related.

Upon being asked why I have this in my posetion, I explained to him that it was used for Free trials for streaming services.

They issued me a court date for that shove charge.

Upon receiving my notice to summon to court, on the notes it stated that I myself has ‘applied’ or putting an ‘application’ for these debit cards.

I am not in anyway avoiding the charge, but the way the officer worded the statement is incorrect and put wrongly. I did not say nor admit I ‘applied’ or put in an ‘applications for these visa debit cards.

I don’t want these comments on my court hearing, as I did not state that word nor explained to the officer how I obtained taken like that.

What are my options to disputes that comment and put in the correct wording?

Thank you.