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This is my first time posting here and I appreciate this forum so much as well as the advice offered.

Last Tuesday night I made a huge mistake and stole assorted drill bits, laser level and batteries from bunnings. I don't know why I did it but somewhere in my mind I was convinced on getting a few things I've always want. I am strapped for cash now and needed these things for the work I do. Even though it is no excuse to steal. Initially I looked at a few drill bits but I got a rush of blood to the head and started grabbing a few more things. I know it didn't feel right at the time and this is my first time. But I still did it and I thoroughly regret it and I am extremely disappointed in myself. I bought a few things on my way out of the store (the things I was initially going to bunnings for) which did not cost much and left. As I walked out an undercover security guard stopped me and told me he saw me put things in my pocket. I knew I was caught and went up with him to the office and emptied my pockets. The drill bits I had taken were expensive bits. I believe the total of all the things in my pocket was $650. None of the items were damaged but they had no packaging. I overheard them say it was. $450 cost price. The cops came and took me back to the police station, and co operated with them the whole time and they said in their report they would note that I was cooperative and honest. The officer said that because its my first time the judge will give me a fine and no criminal conviction. I want to believe him but ultimately he is not the one going to court. I am extremely stressed about this, as well as feeling disappointed and angry at myself. I have never done anything bad in my life.

I have to go to court in a couple of weeks, and just want to know what sort of fine I am looking at. I do believe I made a mistake but I do also believe I should be punished for my actions. I am really worried about getting jail time or a criminal conviction as this will adversely affect my career.

Anyone have suggestions on what I should say. Any advice to maybe ease my mind

Thanks for your time.