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So I am a party to a Social Security Appeals Tribunal.
The ex thinks that the child support agency/centrelink made an error when calculating the amount of time I spend with the kids. She thinks it should be done in hours per year which would give me 35% care according to centrelink BUT 34.7% according to the ex. She thinks they should do it in hours AND use her maths. I think it should be done in nights like every other case. Centrelink agree with me and have done the calculations in nights and she wants this overturned...

Anyways, I have received documentation about this tribunal. I'd like some words of wisdom on how to approach it as the SSAT are not giving me much to do on. Specifically:

1. She has made a statement. In that statement she has said stuff like - There is a long documented history of me being financially controlling. (yep that is right folks, the person who thinks she can tell centrelink and CSA how to do maths is accusing me of being financially controlling) Anyways. My understanding is this tribunal should just be looking at the merits of the case and making a decision based on that. So should I write a response detailing the lies and character assasinations she has created in her statement?

2. She has a solicitor from Legal Rights. Does anyone know how she gets a solicitor? is it means tested???

3. She makes statements about being unemployed. She has a website advertising her business. Should I draw the tribunal's attention to this?
4. She says she is a single mum, she lives with a fella....

Does anyone have any experience at these tribunals. I'm guessing my suit is going to have to get dry cleaned??? I was so hoping not not have to wear that suit again anytime soon, unless for a wedding.
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