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I would like advice relating to this matter and what rights I have as a sperm donor.

I was a sperm donor to a same sex couple who have just separated. The mum to be is 10 weeks pregnant. I am known to the couple and not an anonymous donor. The baby was conceived by at-home-insemination.

It was verbally agreed and in conversations via email that I would have contact with the child. I would be known as the family friend and not be known as the father until they were either 18 or when we decided they would be mature enough to be told. As the mum to be was planning to move interstate to be with her partner after the child was born, we decided I would have a face to face contact a few times a year, and the mums would provide lots of photos of the child and emails about the child.

I have not signed a sperm donor agreement yet.
The agreement I just received to sign states I will have no contact and when the child turns 18, they’ll have the option to find out who I am. I questioned the mum-to-be about the agreement and her response was I can’t demand anything, but she can agree to things like contact, visits, emails and photos.

Her now ex-partner had to force her to tell me she was pregnant and thinks she was never planning to tell me. Her ex-partner also told me do not sign the agreement because you will never see the child. One reason her ex-partner left the relationship was they were planning to raise the child together and she was told this is my child not your child.

Both her ex-partner and I have concerns as the mum-to-be is unemployed and struggles to pay rent and pay bills and we don’t think she will cope financially when baby comes. I offered but she does not want any financial assistance from me.

What rights do I have as the donor?
Now the mum-to-be is single and not in a relationship, does this change my rights as a sperm donor? At the time of conception, she was engaged and in a relationship with her ex-partner.
Do the emails I have (prior to conception) where she agreed to me having contact with the child assist me if this ends in court?

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