by Malik  14/05/2020  0 Page Views
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Hi All 

I am in WA. I bought a phone from someone over Facebook market place, iPhone 11, 2 months ago, and met in person to pick the phone. The person showed me receipt of purchase and I transferred funds into his bank account. Today, I got a call from legitimate police station in my area (not a scam call for sure) that the phone was obtained by the person who sold it to me as fraudulent activity. The person allegedly bought the phone from one shop, returned the empty box next day to another franchise of same company and the company employee didn't check the box and refunded money. The person then sold just the phone to me (without box). 

I've cooperated fully with police, provided chat history , bank transaction details, venue where purchase was made etc. The police officer said that I've to return the phone and he will try to get me the reprieve from the megistate (around $900, the sold price of phone )

Just wanted to check if I am doing the right thing or what are other legal options available, if any.