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Ok, in short I left my husband in January this year but he's being extremely difficult in regards to property and asset division.

we have an SMSF but all the documents like resolutions, minutes etc are at the matrimonial house and he refuses to give me access.

He withdrew $120k from one account and didn't give me the heads up. I only found out when I looked at the accounts.

I've asked for details (through his lawyer) on where the funds are but have only been told 'Ing' - nothing else even though I asked for evidentiary documents.

Then he decided to take me to Family Court and at the first hearing he asked if he could sell some shares in the future. I agreed providing he emailed me in advance beforehand. This was transferred into a court order.

A month later I find he sold $15k of shares without advice to me. I emailed his lawyer citing the relevant paragraph of the court order and then my ex amended his affidavit with 'I didn't know, didn't have court orders blah blah blah'.

I countered in my affidavit that he was present in Court at this time and was fully aware of his obligations.

Anyway, now another term deposit has come up and I want to invest with Citibank who offer 3.2%. His written reply was its too much mucking around and he's over it and we HAVE to stay with one of our current banks.

I've asked fur copies of account balances and he came back with figures but didn't add on the interest. I asked again - silence.

I emailed this morning asking for a final time before I contact his lawyer increasing his legal costs. His response was that I'll get the balances when tax is done!!

He's also refusing to give me copies of previous resolutions, minutes etc.

I'm happy, quite happy, to report him as my life has been hell after I left him but don't know if I should??