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Hi folks,

I am asking for advice with regards to a CBUS and Hesta super death policy. A friend of mine who had cancer a couple of years back has recently been given 12 months to live. When she was initially diagnosed with the cancer she had no idea her Super’s life insurance policy was available. I am not aware of what any doctor would have said in terms of her life’s expectancy when she was diagnosed, but she is now organising the certs that are required by her respective insurers.

She hasn’t notified the insurers of her intent to claim, no particular reason, she’s not well enough anyway, either mentally or physically to deal with it and generally it’s not in her skillset to manage these things. So now that I am left to manage it for her I do not want to make a mistake, it’s enough to be told you have less than 12 months to live, without a clerical error preventing an insurance claim.

I am sure (well I hope) you can understand my nervousness around this, and wanting to make sure I get everything done correctly.

So to my question. Are there any pitfalls, advice or anything I should be aware of that will be needed to be completed. I was told we’d have to get two medical certs, one from her oncologist, and I think one from her GP, but I am not sure. So ALL advice is very appreciated.