by Katrina  18/03/2020  0 Page Views
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Hi everyone, new here!

i live in a seniors complex where only tenants are allowed to park as signed outside.

Today I went out shopping and on my return I was told I had damaged a car when reversing out (which I have no knowledge of) and was told to pay the owner of the car $100 then $200 cash for repairs.

She said she had a witness who said she saw my car touch hers, but my car is too high to have done the damage. Maybe the tow bar, but I felt nothing .

The scratch was teeny tiny and it did look fresh, however.

I told her to make a claim through her insurance as that was the correct thing to do

She is not a tenant here and should not have been parked there, but her witness claims I did it

I have taken a picture of the damage she says I did, and now she says she has gone through her insurance 

since I do not believe I did it, but she has a “witness” my only recourse is that she was parked where she was not allowed- is this correct?

Thanks for reading!