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I was wondering what the legalities are of shoplifting at bunnings. As my daughter has told me that the last 2 times shes went to bunnings she saw guys act suspicious who followed him. As well as had two guys standing by a car in the parking lot who werent talking, was looking over at her until she staired at them making them both look away until she moved to her car. As she waited for one of them to walk over and wonder why she hadnt left to see, which one did confirming her fears. I cant believe she would do such a thing, im so dissapointed in her for doing this, but am glad she told me. She promises to never do it again, and i believe her, but i want to know if they have camares in there that could have her on tape when she did this and could put her in jail using the liscence plate. Even though she swears to me she didnt shoplift from there the time she confirmed her fears.


What can they do to her, please tell me shes not going to have this on her permant record