by Lok Hin  07/10/2020  0 Page Views
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I am an international student this year. My father lost his job in the covid period. We started to have financial issue after my dad lost his job. Therefore, I have to try my best to reduce money using in daily life. I am really stupid that tried to steal things in coles. I stole two drinks and 2 pieces of chickemn breast yesterday. Then, I get caugth by the plainclothes police in the exit. They asked me to open my bag and take a picture of my face and passport. I said I am so sorry and I know I am stupid. I beg to have their forgiveness. Then, I paid for those thing after caught by police. They tell me they will keep it as a record. But if I won't do it again, I won't have any trouble. At last, they released me from coles. 


I have few questions.

1.Is that a criminal record or normal record?

2.Will it affect me if I want to get PR in australia?

3.Can company check this record when I apply the job?

4.Will this record affect my visa application?


I feel hopelessness and I promised I won't do this again. I hope I can have advice and help from you guys. Thanks for reading my stupid experience.