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-Incident: Shoplifting from VIC stores. Left AU before summons issued

-) Is there any option for a lawyer to represent me in this case and appear in the court, without my presence in the country?
-)I am thinking to come back to Australia. What will happen if I come back. As I left country without receiving the summons.
1) Will there be any arrest warrant issued already? Even if its not a major crime, do they issue arrest warrant? Is there any way to know if arrest warrant is already issued or not?
2) I read online that a lookout notice will be issued and passed to airport so will get arrested as soon as I land in Australia. Is it true? Do they do that for monir cases like this? IS there any way to know that.
3) I don't know the section of what legislation i am charged with. But as I have pleaded guilty, and its my first ever crime in my life.
- Will I be charged with a fine alone or with a fine and some community service?
- Or Is there any possibility to send me jail? Then how many months approximately?
- If its jail, I read online that instead of jail, some kind of ‘probated sentence’ so will not send to jail, but will some sort of house arrest.
4) will the judge Record the conviction. Then I wont be able to get any jobs in future at all
5) Any chance for Deportation?
6) If I get arrested from airport, then
- Will they release me on bail and ask to appear on court on a later date?
- Will they put in jail till they get a court date?
- If they directly take me to court, then judge will pass judgement on my case right away?
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