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Good morning,

I'm just looking for some advice to work out where my next step is.

I'm currently at the tail end of a settlement with my ex-partner, who we had agreed that she would buy me out, her solicitor had sent (my then solicitor) an offer, to which I had accepted in writing.

We have not had any signed consent orders or any signed binding financial agreements, just the acceptance of the offer.

She is now having trouble getting finance, the offer was accepted 11/01/2016, and is now 7 weeks on.

She has a application in with a bank at the moment, but this just seems to be dragging out. I know that I can afford to buy her out (her buying me out was a win/win for both of us) with no issues, and I'm ready to proceed.

As we have nothing set in stone eg consent orders or a binding financial agreement, am I entitled to now refuse her offer, and put forward a counter offer of my own to have this finalised?

Thanks in advance for any advice.

PS - I'm sorry if this has been posted before - I have been looking before I made this post
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