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Hi, so I co own a property with my mother have done for seven year, I was 19 at the time of purchase. It's under a tenants in common agreement. We are selling the property and my mother was trying to get me to forfeit (come to an agreement) my share in the property to her so she could "have a roof over her head". Even though if the property sells well there will be plenty for her to buy a property outright, because she has the biggest share. I have disagreed to coming to an agreement and now she is saying that all she has put into the property will have to be calculated by a solicitor and figure out who paid what and that's how the divy up the amount that's left after the mortgages are paid. 

I just need to know, should I lawyer up? How does tenants in common work when selling. I thought it would be I get my percentage and she gets hers and that's that. 

Please help me, thanks in advance.