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I own an accommodation business which i acquired 6 months ago in Victoria I received a call from council enquiring about a septic overflow issue. I explained that i had the septic system pumped as a routine maintenance task and it hadn't overflowed. They said that they got a complaint which i think must have arisen by a neighbour seeing the septic pump truck at my premises. I was suspicious so i raised a FOI request to council for all complaints received for myself and my business. To my horror, council have received 27 complaints but only followed up on one. Unfortunately council could not release any documents under FOI . I would have thought 2 or 3 complaints is "normal" but 27 is a real worry, about one a week, and now i'm in fear that a serial complainant/s is/are on my case and it won't stop. It's actually taken a huge toll on me, mentally, physically and professionally. It feels like someone is out to destroy my business or hurt myself or my family. Its a form of harassment or stalking I would have thought, well at least thats what it feels like. My question is where do i go to either get the name/s of these complainants to have a mature chat with or to stop this behaviour. I thought of going to the police or to a solicitor to write to council explaining the situation. Thoughts or Advice ?