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Lots of questions and no answers :(((

de facto parter of 13 years has moved out of family home and straight in to a new rental with another partner and child. Current arrangement with our kids is 50 50, but we have just done child inclusive mediation and have mediation proper upcoming in a couple of days. He moved in on Thursday with the new partner, and had our kids moved under same roof by the sunday, without disclosing the relationship. He then waited until after the child mediation until he disclosed the relationship, because I took issue with youngest child not having his own bed, so now partner and his new partner need to move into a room together to give up the room for my youngest. I am wondering how a court will look at the speed and consideration to kids that this has all moved at - if at all?

1. with regards property settlement, does the fact that he is now co-habiting with another partner affect this? he has reduced mortgage/rental costs, shares bills etc. and is now better off than he was as my partner!

2. have read alot on 50 50 shared care and I don't want it for various reasons, however am afraid that I will be see as the "one parent causing all the conflict" - which I genuinely just don't believe it is right for at least one of our kids who has ADHD.

3. what is the legal definition of "primary carer" - to me my partner and I were pretty equal - although he served up breakfast and saw kids off to school and arrived home a bit earlier....I did every birthday and appointment and school-related activity am concerned he is touting himself as "primary carer" in his argument.