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Hi there's I hoping to get some advice I have been with my wife for aprox 5 years married for four
I signed a prenup the day before the wedding and told there will be no marriage unless I signed one so I did even though I know what my wife owned prior to me being quite a few property's in sydney
During this time together I contributed aprox 250 thousand in cash to well being a contributing partner I also renovated and helped with the up keep of these property's I was under the impression and correct me if I'm wrong but I thought okay what are these things worth before I came on the scene and what are they worth now and what ever these property's have gone up just in the time together well I would split that and whatever they were worth before me is clearly hers
My wife doesn't seem to think this is the case and she keeps it all
Is this right
One last thing we converted a warehouse on some land in sydney which granted she owned the land prior to me but we built this place together she thinks she gets it all as well and I get nothing please any advice would be appreciated my wife was extremely wealthy before me and I'm not looking hear to try and get something that I shouldn't but just the warehouse conversion alone is worth a 2.5 mil surely I am to get a share of this at least I hope this makes sense sorry I'm new to this and yeah the prospect of starting with nothing after working so hard is rather scary