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My teenage daughter (Amy) took part in an overnight school excursion to the snowy mountains last month.

Being very athletic and full of enthusiasm, Amy was given a 1/2 hour school pre-arranged "learn to ski" lesson (with the rest of her school mates) on how to ski. Just enough training to get her in trouble it seems!!!

Following the lesson, the teacher's responsible then allowed the students to "free" ski down the newly snow covered slopes. Amy & her friends rode the "T"bar up a popular ski slope to try out their new found skill(s).

 While Amy was negotiating the slope, she loss control & had to swerve to miss a pole marker & large rock,  colliding into a tree!!!  She sustained extensive damage to her left knee ligaments, calf  muscle, hamstring & corked her thigh muscle.

Amy was taken to the resort's medical centre than transported back home where she was taken to  her local hospital.

Since her accident (3) weeks ago, Amy has not been able to walk & has undergone extensive Physiotherapy (3) times a week & will be undergoing an MRI tomorrow to reveal the damage sustained. To compound to her troubles, Amy  has lost her after school part time job as a waitress at her local cafe shop & is falling heavily behind in school (year 10)

I have Read the NSW Education Dept  "school excursion" policy /excursion_pol/print.shtml .

The policy provides guidelines school's need to fullfill prior to school excursions taking place. I have also discussed the matter  with the Dept's responsible Co-ordinator but has basically said, "there is nothing the dept of education can do!!"

Physcially Amy is batted and bruised. Physcologically she is distaught  & depressed to say the least.

Costs incurred to date are relatively high with the likilhood to increase over the coming months. We have no private medical coveragei. Amy comes from a family of (6) kids & financial constraints are beginning to cripple the family unit.

Surely we do not send our children to school or participate in school excursions at the child's own risk!!!!!

Q1: Is the school or education dept liable for medical costs incurred or to be incurred??

Q2: Are parent's allowed to sight Is the school's Risk Assessment & incident report?

Q3: Should I pursue claiming compensation from the school?