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March 2014 until Dec 2016 my son was the target of school bullying that occurred as soon as he walked in the school gates in the morning,whilst at school and walking home from school every single school day from 2014 til 2016.
We were constantly told these boys would never change and we had 2 hope they would get bored with my son and move onto someone else.
These same boys also threatened my 6yr old daughter at school when my son was 2 scared to attend the school.. it was physically punches to back of head,attempting to choke my son and inciting all students to make fun.of my son in assemblies.
I have detailed records of what was occurring in communications with the local newspaper begging for their help to stop the bullying at school and also detailed records of me communicating with a victims of crime service desperate to stop the bullying.
My now 15yr old son has been diagnosed with severe OCD/Anxiety and is unable to live life like he once did.
He struggles to leave the house and has obsessive rituals of checking his hair to get it 'right incase someone bullies him.
He is unable to attend school at the moment and is on anti psychotics and anti depressants.
Do i have a chance of proving negligenceand breach of duty of care by the School?.

Please also note this school has history of negligence being proved in similar situation with previous student 10yrs before - i spent a great deal of time back then researching my son's rights and came across the Negligence case