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1 Comments  Family & de facto law, financial agreements, consent orders

Hi There,

I'm just wanting some advise on what steps to take next if any..

I am in a same sex relationship of only 6 months and we are getting serious. She is moving into my house in 4 months time.  

I brought this house on my own 5 years ago. I want to protect my assets incase of anything going wrong in the future. 

We have also discussed having a child via a fertility clinic in the future. 

Can I get something legally binding written up saying something along the lines that she will have no claim to my house if we were to ever split up? Especially if she will not be paying a cent towards my mortgage? 

She has debts and I agreed to alow her to live rent free in my home to pay off her debts - this is to help us be in the best financial position before having a child. 

Can we get something legally binding written up on custodial rights ect even before we begin the fertility clinic process? 

Will and agreement signed infront of a JP be suffice? 

I have a high income and assets. I just want to protect myself, my future and the future wealth of any children we may have. 

Any advice appreciated