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Two days ago I have put a sale order deposit for four new tyres and wheels.

I have had a change of mind and send an email to the seller stating my cancellation of the order. I received an email back saying that if I was to cancel the order I would lose the deposit as restocking fee as the tyres and wheels are fitted and balanced.

I have not requested the fitting of the tyre and in no where it states in the sale order form that the tyres and wheels will be fitted and balanced when delivered.

The deposit amount is more than the amount I will pay if the order is returned (in good condition) and cancelled. In saying this, I have informed the seller I have no problem paying the restocking fee. But I require the balance of my deposit after paying the restocking fee. He was reluctant.

Can anyone point me in the right directions?


gunshy2012-11-21 07:45:09