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Hi guys,

When I originally talked to my employer about a new job, they sounded like they were happy to give me $65000 + super on top of that. However I have looked at my payslips and they are giving me $65000 including superannuation.

Below is part of my contract that I think is relevant. if it's not enough and you need the whole thing, let me know.

Your ordinary hours of work will be an average of 38 hours per week over the roster cycle.
Your remuneration will compensate you for time worked regularly in excess of ordinary hours of duty,
on call backs or in readiness for a call back, for time spent carrying out your duties outside ordinary
hours over the telephone or via remote access arrangements, and time worked on afternoon, night or
weekend shifts.
Your remuneration includes compensation for all penalties, loadings, allowances, additional leave,
additional remuneration, and into account the fixation of annual remuneration.
Your remuneration will be reviewed annually to ensure that it is set at an appropriate level having regard
to the factors above.
Your hours of work on this Project will be 10 hours per day working a designated roster by the Company
of three (3) weeks on (performing your duties on site) and one (1) week off (rest and recreation time off
site). To meet operational requirements while on site work will be carried out by working 13 days and
having the 14th day off to rest.
An unpaid lunch break of 30 minutes and paid morning tea break of 15 minutes are provided.
Start and finish times are deemed to be when the employee commences work on site and when they
Your remuneration for working the hours and roster cycle listed, and which full compensates having
regard to the factors above will be set at a salary $65,000.00 per annum. Your remuneration will be
exclusive of Superannuation Legislation and/or any applicable Long Service Leave Legislation.
Full Time Employment Agreement – Precision Plumbing (WA) Pty Ltd
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Salary will be paid to the Employee weekly in arrears by direct credit into a nominated bank account.
Wages will be paid as per signed off time sheet on authorised hours, the employee is responsible for
accurately allocating hours to each specific site.
The Company in accordance with clause 7 (Award Flexibility) of the Award may offer an Individual
Flexibility Arrangement.
The Company will make superannuation contribution payments on the Employee’s behalf at the rate
required by the Superannuation Guarantee (Administration) Act 1992 and Regulations made under that
Act. Superannuation contribution payments will be paid as directed by the Employee into a complying
superannuation fund of their choice.
Superannuation is paid on the ordinary hours worked per week.