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I am a mother of 8 yr girl who has migrated to Australia in 2009 on skilled migration visa 175 with my 10 month child that time(her) then along with my abusive partner that time. After migrating to Australia my violent abusive partner had escalated his abuse with my and my child and I was forced to send back my daughter to India to my parents. There was no family court order when I left her in India in dec 2010, 15 months later I had first arrived Australia with her and she also holded permanent visa 175 secondary then . The marriage broke in 2009 as ofcourse my ex was brutal and violent and he is still living in Australia and i have got his no whereabouts nor do we intend to contact each other now
Eventually i got back to Australia again in 2011 and now an Australian citizen since 2013. I want to bring back my child to Australia now and her PR visa has expired in Aug 2014.

What visa do i need to apply to get her back and if after visa is granted if they are compelling reasons my child still cannot come to Australia then what will be the implications after visa been granted then. can I not apply for Resident return visa as now Iam an Australian citizen