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Hey there,

I really am worried that again I may be in trouble with police.

I dropped paint and painted marks clumsily on the road. Its pretty insane looking and messy.

Friends have phoned said what the hell. 

Its been 3 days since did it. Why, I was antibiotics and drank wine. Rest is history.

I was walking back home with paint and decided to do it for some reason.

People noticed. No police were called.

Ive had an array of incidents outside my property due to being isolated, abusing booze and mentally ill, trying to stop speeding, illegally heavy and extreamly noisy vehicles from ruining my quiet street. Also its extreamly dangerous for the narrow size of rd. I been going on to council vic road and police for years but they take you in nowhere circles. 

Any one know if I can get in trouble days after for this? The police know me well and would know it would have been me. I have done strange petty crime for years and have biggest remorse for these things as may frighten or upset others. Really wish I could stay good. 

Its white water based prima paint. could I scrub it off some how or paint it black? 

Its a horrid daily reminder of my mad ways not to mention I live my life very frightend from so much police stuff over past few years.