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My grandmother (still alive and 95) had her estate willed equally to my father and my uncle, with $10k to each of the grandchildren (3 from each).

On my father's death 4 years ago she changed her will so that her estate now goes fully to my uncle with the same amount still to each grandchild.

This changes the whole game financially. My side of the family has now been excluded to what we would have inherited from our father had he not died first. Each of my cousins will now receive their $10k plus eventually inherit the full estate passed from my grandmother's to my uncle. My mother has also been cut out altogether though they were married for 40 years until he died.

I did ask her that if my uncle (favourite, well off son) had died first would she have left her whole estate to my Dad (disabled pensioner son)and the answer was no, as she wouldn't want my cousins to miss out on inheriting his half of the estate (which was my point exactly) but she hasn't changed her will.

Is is possible to dispute this on family provision grounds either by my mother or my siblings and I?