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My fiance's ex-wife, has applied for a Queensland Protection Order, on the grounds of intimidation and harrassment. Recently my fiance tried to ring his ex-wife to see his 12yr old son for his birthday and fathers day. She didn't return his messages. He hasnt seen his son for at least two months. Prior to this, his ex-wife would only allow contact occasionally and never near me, & never for a weekend. His ex has not filed for residency orders, but my fiance drafted a proposal for contact 2mths ago, and had it posted to her solicitor who was handling a property payout for his superannuation. 

How does he have the application dismissed? My fiance was married for 27ys and was a devoted parent & family man. There was no domestic violence in his marriage. His ex-wife is obsessed with their only son & is trying every tactic in the book to prevent my fiance from having contact with his son.

The ex has stated many false accusations about my fiance and myself in her application. What can my fiance do? The whole situation is about the ex not allowing contact, and trying any tactic to achieve this, because he has a new partner. The Law appears to be concerned only about women in this issue, but where is the info for men who are wrongfully accused, and want to know how they can defend themselves. Can someone please tell us what we can do. All my fiance wants is to see his son without the abuse by the ex. Hopefully someone out there has experienced the same and can give some advice. The hearing is in approx 4weeks for this matter. Thanks to anyone who can help with this.