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On the 9th May, 2005 - YES DAY AFTER MOTHERS DAY, my defacto husband called me while i was in hospital trying to save our unborn babies life and told me our relationship was over.  he took our 3 year old away from me and denied all contact and refused to give me any clothes or money.  Family picked me up on 12th May and on the 13th i saw a legal aid lawyer who sort of started a recovery order.  By the tuesday she had arranged for me to collect my daughter but father was to get access Thur 5pm till sunday 5pm every week. She told me it was temporary just to get my daughter back.  Now some months on its still that way.  i dont see my daughter all weekend.  my family dont see her at all.  i can get her enrolled in Kindergarten next year because its on a Friday as well.  He sold the house we lived in together for $180,000 to his parents it was worth more like $300.000 he did this 9 days after seperation.  He has kept every single thing of my daughters toys, clothes, photos, everything.  And all i get told is because he wants shared care he is goign to get it.  He now lives with his parents and they take control,  i cant even talk to him about his daughter unless its in writting.  He is attempting to sue my brother for an airconditioner installed in 2003 now he says its not paid for.  He had his own business and wrote me false group certificates to try and reduce my family payments and legal aid, and tried to get me to pay child support.  Why cant we get this to go to court and just get it down,  My poor 3 year old doesnt understand and i have a baby coming in 10 weeks.  My daughter wont understand why she has to leave me all the time.  up till we seperated i had only ever spent 5-7 nights in total away from my daughter in all her life.  I raised her as a baby not him he worked.  im so lost and i dont know where to turn and how to fix this.  Im her mother and i get her 4 days a week, my family dont see her and neither do any friends i have with children and i have nothing left to show for myself or my daughter because he has everything and refises to talk about it because he sold everything off cheap to family.  Someone help me pls.