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I recieved a lump sum payment for my injury. With this money i decided to buy a house. I put 50k deposit payed all legals and stamp duty. Due to my illness the bank requested a person with a permanent job be added to the tittle. I asked my brother and he agreed to put his name on the tittle. He moved in 6 months later and continued to help pay  the mortgages payments as he was only renting. And said this is your house and your kids as he had no dependants. He paid no money for the first 6 months then we were paying half each for 2 years. I asked him to pay the full amount for another 2 1/2 years. He contributed to the electricity bill in this time. October 2019. He stopped all payments and walked out. He came and took most of his belongings and i havnt heard from him since march 2020. I had to pay over 6k to get payments up to date till March 2020. Covid started and i asked the bank to help. I received a letter from his solicitor wanting me to sell and he to receive half. He made improvements to the property. I spent over 20k on material and done all labour myself. I want to refinance and add my fiancee now and remove him and work out a settlement fee. Can i get help please