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I have a situation where a relative who was left in charge of an estate that i am a beneficiary has had access to bank accounts and withdrawn all of the money for his own own purposes. Some indeed would have been spent on looking after the now-deceased owner of the estate, but the number simply dont add up - in fact nowhere near it.


The deceased had an old fashioned passbook account which over the past 3 years has had over 100K widthdrawn in cash - no receipts, no accounting for it.

The will state that the money in the account would be left to me - the account now has a zero balance.


In addition to this, the diseased had a war pension and income coming in from a rental.

All unaccounted for in the black hole of cash that he executor has managed to bury.

I have a copy of the will and the death certificate - i understand that based on this, the bank MAY release the bank statements to me.

I guess my question is, what are my legal options here?

The executor has offered a "settlement" of 30K which I believe to be under half of what is owing and if nothing else, an admission that he helped himself to funds that were not his to play with. Is that legal?