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Hi seeking help and advices what should i do because for now i am very confused.i am married to australian guy been 2yrs now.i got my residence application last sept.18 just recently we sent the application after we comply all requirements been relationship with my husband is not going good even after were get married.he changed alot and most of the time become violent and verbally and physically abusive.but i try to hide this to my friends and relatives to cover up him i feel its embassing for me so i hide it to my self...i was expecting he will change and our relationship as married become ok...but later on become worst.its because his alcoholic also makes him become violent evrytime his drunk.and this time we have arguement and i walk away from his house because i cnt stand it anymore.he threating me he will cancel the on going pocess of my residence visa...i just want to know if is it posible he can do it?where i could ask help my situation ryt now?makes me confused and also my daughter.plss help me to this matter.

                          hope to hear from you soon.