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8 Comments  Family & de facto law, financial agreements, consent orders
I am a house wife full time and primary carer of ten month old baby and eight year old son. My husbnd and me separated last month and he is on VRO. He earns 6500$ a week. How much child support approximately will I get if any idea on this. My lawyer isn't sure how much I would get. Right now my husband has agreed to pay 310 $ per week as rent. He is paying 1100$ per week at his luxurious apartment. I have to study and complete my studies and then would get a job after a couple of years. Would I get spousal maintenance ? If so how much. I think I am getting more than I would be getting in terms of child support and spouse maintenance. I am notaustralian citizen and hence no centre link benefits or any Medicare for me. Husband paying the rent and telephone bills and electricity bills. Also 500$ a week as child support before child support agency starts up the payments is the consent that my husband has signed. Parenting orders will be done after a month because eight year old needs counselling as he witnessed abuse indoors and was bed wetting and anxious. He is afraid to be with his father in private and prefers being outdoors. Any suggestions on this comPlicated situation would be great. It's confusing me.