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I'm not certain if this is the proper section, if not could it be moved to a relevant section? I also apologize for the lack of proper legal terminology. I suspect this is not an intentional fraud, as the organizer mentioned below is the friend of a very trusted friend, but cannot exclude it either.

Me and others have been 'invited' to a workshop. It was meant to have taken place in December 2008. It was a verbal agreement. We transferred money to a fellow participant who then transferred it to the organizer; this can be proven by bank statements. The person meant to hold the workshop cancelled, but the organizer promised to try to still make it happen, holding on to our money, at that time with our consent. Throughout the following months all participants demanded a refund. I have an email by the organizer agreeing to the fact that money is owed and that he will refund it by 14 August. This date has obviously passed, it is now 20 September. Follow up emails led to excuses and eventually no further communication by the organizer. What legal actions can we take? Will we have to pay the cost for the proceedings?
All advice would be much appreciated.