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I work in IT for a large Uni and we have just had another restructure. In my team we have 3 x Software Analysts, which includes me. They have reduced the number of Software Analysts down to 2, so the three of us have to apply for the 2 roles. We are the same level, same job titles and same job description. The issue is we do very different things, they are solely Mac guys, I am solely Windows. I use very different tools, applications and hardware and my day to day tasks are different. The roles are not comparable. I couldn’t do their job and they couldn’t do mine. I’m concerned that when it comes to the interview process there may be some level of bias and I may be at a disadvantage, especially if IT staff are involved in the interview process. Hypothetically (I don’t think this is the case) if their work load was higher, then they would be at a greater advantage, the interview almost becomes moot. I could excel at an interview and they could do just OK, but get the role. Does the interview process have to be unbiased and equitable? If so do you agree that in my situation, without an external interview panel, it would be impossible to go through an unbiased interview process?