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I have worked at a Victorian government authority for 25 years.

I am currently employed as a solution architect in a project department. For the last 18 months I was 'seconded' to another coordination role within the business - in that time the business merged a couple of departments (including my originating department) with the exception of my substantive role of solution architect.
Issue 1 - I have now returned from my secondment to find that my role no longer exists within he newly created department..
Issue 2 - Our technology department has created a new role (as they have been through a restructure) and titled it Solution Design ..

My query/concern - I have been asking our HR department and my executive what is happening, and received nothing clear in response - in fact the HR department thought I was still seconded and not in my substantive role as solution architect (as they role has simply disappeared!!)
I was advised today that I could be made redundant as my role no longer appears in the structure or I may be able to apply for the new role of Solution Design when it is advertised.

Any tips?MeninGate2019-05-17 15:34:49