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I a Senior Manager of an International company and have worked for them for 15+ years. Mid November, I was verbally advised that my role would be made redundant effective end of February 2009. I asked at the time what would be the payout I should expect and was told "lets not talk about that yet, we should try to get you another role within the company". I have pressed for a letter outlining the redundancy which I finally received yesterday but it was dated November 14th. I was astonished to note that I was already on my notice period (even though I was not advised I was to work through it)and that my redundancy payment was for 6 weeks pay. Also, I was verbally advised that as I am Management, have no workplace agreement and nothing in my contract on redundancy, they are not liable to pay me anything if they so desire. I was advised that anybody over $80K per annum does not fit into redundancy laws and is not covered by the Ombudsman.
Does anybody know if this is correct.