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I had been in correspondance with the Real Estate Agency regarding not paying upcoming weeks rent. I told them I would not be paying. We had come to an agreement that I would fill out paperwork and await a reaponse from the owner. They failed to reply after a point. 

I didn't pay the rent and then started receiving mail that I was being charged. I had outlined the reason as health related, pertaining to the COVID19 pandemic, as I had explained to the agent, weeks before.


I have not had any contact with the owner. The real estate had failed to do anything regarding notifying the 20ish tenants on what to do. It is a dodgy building and they fail to keep it up to standard. There was a suicide attempt and the cops were not informed. The place is often filthy and I have pictures to prove it. With the situation, and the lack of the real estates ability to uphold their duty of care, I was not comfortable paying them, and decided I should spend the money making myself as comfortable as possible in my room during this quarantine time, as the Government intended. I asked that they follow up with the government recompense. Is this reasonable? 

Can someone well versed in Real Estate Law (including the new COVID19 subsidy packages regarding tenancies) please help me out.