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Hey everyone!
If I offer a service to law firms - and if I wrote a book on the topic "How to protect law firms from hackers" (170 pages PDF, 220 printed) - (question is to the moderators, I guess) - how can I post about it here, without it being considered as spam?

The only way to reach out and help others is to tell them you can, but those days it can be frowned upon if done without a permission, so I thought I'd ask how to approach this challenge here.

Thanks guys (and girls)!


and another question I have is - every time, except when I am referred to someone - every time I try to approach law firms offering them cybersecurity help, they say "our IT does that" or "our outsourced provider of IT does that".
And I KNOW, from a vast experience (I've helped banks, nuclear power plants, and several law firms) - that IT has absolutely no clue how to tackle modern cyber attacks. Every single hacked law firm - including the one which got in the news recently (the "law firm of Lady Gaga") - they all had an IT department which "took care of IT security".

Now, I'm not a sales expert. I am a cybersecurity expert. I know how to fix this stuff - even in Large organizations - I've worked in Microsoft's security team, btw. But I don't know how to sell it to you guys!!! I look at a law firm, I know it is in trouble, I can help it - but I don't know how to overcome the objections or the fact that they don't know who I am and just ignore me.