by ShelleyBean  22/01/2019  362 Page Views
9 Comments  Family & de facto law, financial agreements, consent orders
I would like some advice regarding my Civil Partnership, please. This was registered in 2015, in QLD, as a Registered Relationship. I now want to end the Registered Relationship, and have contacted the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages in QLD. They advised me that I need to send my application form to them, with certified documents, as well as send a copy of the application to my ex-partner.

However, I am currently in the UK, caring for a sick relative and we don't have a free Justice of the Peace service here. It will cost a small fortune to have the required documents certified in the UK. I will be returning to Australia late this year and could apply to have the relationship dissolved then. But I worry about the legal implications of a Registered Relationship. If my ex-partner were to (for example) commit a crime, get into debt, be blacklisted by a company etc. - how would this impact on me? Would I be liable for unpaid debts, or have my name blacklisted, too? Would it affect me in any way?

In short, is it more advisable to pay the extortionate fees of a UK Notary, or wait until I return to Australia? Thanks for any advice with this.