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2 Comments  Criminal law, traffic matters, DUI, assault, theft, fraud

Hi , I don't know if I'm in the right area , but I was pulled over by the Local Police in my town the other day , they said it was for a rbt , I actually pulled into my driveway , they were turning onto my street when they put the lights on , they said it was for a rbt , but asked me my name , wanted to know who I am , after checking my name and after all the comotion , I did not take an rbt , but I mentioned to them if I was going to have one. I am a manager of a local Media Organisation , the number plates on the car is self explanetory , I asked them how did they pick me out from the four cars that have just passed them , they said it was an rbt. I felt like I was targetted by one of the Police Officers in the car , I wrote some comments displaying my dislike on how a certain organisation employed her. I feel as though they knew who I was. I have been told to seek some advice or speak to the Sargeant of the Police Station. What should I do?