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Hi All,
Just hoping to get some advice/ opinions from perhaps people who have been through similar circumstances. I do have a lawyer representing me and it’s such a slow process and I’m worried I’ve been given false hopes with what I will be entitled too from my settlement as my husband is very stubborn, petty and wants me left with not a lot because he invested more at the start.

We had been together 8 years and married just shy of 3 years, we have a 7 month old baby and he just decided he doesn’t want to be with me as children were not part of his future plans and he resents me for getting pregnant which now he must pay child support for the next 18 years after I lodged the assessment in March.

He earnt double my income throughout the relationship and he invested $110k when we bought out first home which was sold last year and we made a good profit, I’m still on maternity leave and on govt paid mat-leave ( min wage) for 18 weeks and he hasn’t started paying any child maintenance yet even though we separated 5 months ago as he led me to believe things were going to be worked out between us and he was fixing his issues but he actually got legal advice back in Nov!

My lawyer said to me what would be fair and reasonable would be 70/30 given my future needs and my earning capacity as I won’t be going back to work full time whilst my baby is still so young.

I 100% know that there is no way he will agree to that split because he invested more at the start... so my dilemma is do I take it all the way through the courts and fight him.... or settle for less.... I’m just so fearful as I’m not earning a salary so my savings will be destroyed with all these legal fees...