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2 Comments  Family & de facto law, financial agreements, consent orders

Hello, needing advice. My ex and I split over a year and a half ago. We are currently working through property settlement and have come to an agreement. There are a few complications however, the first being we are doing it ourselves, we have both obtained legal advice but want to complete paperwork ourselves and lodge at courthouse. I have filled out the form Applying for a Consent Order, however, is there other documents I need to create my lawyer mentioned the actual order written up and a Justice and Equity form but I cant find that anywhere on the website. Has anyone self filed and what did you have to include? Also, I am now currently pregnant and will be going on maternity leave in March (will have to tell my employers in December) if the bank knows im going on leave they wont grant me the takeover of the mortgage, I am hoping to hear timelines and see if there is any way I could push this through? Finally my ex wants $3000 to cover the cost of aircons he got installed before we separated, is this a fair request? Keeping in mind my lawyer said there is no equity in the property pool and we should be going our separate ways. Thank you for any advice in relation to these three questions.